About Us

Since 1947, we have been serving the community with authentic Italian cuisine. We are a generational Italian family business.

Life in Paradise started on August 15th, 1947. 

In 1947, first generation Anthony Margiotta, moved to Verplanck, NY with his wife Maria and founded the Paradise Bar & Grill. Their two sons, Victor (“Jerry”) and Tony operated their father’s eatery during this time. After Jerry’s brother Tony passed in 1985, the Paradise didn’t operate for a couple years, and then reopened in 1989.

Jerry met his wife, Lucy at the restaurant and after they got married, the two became the face of the restaurant. They welcomed locals by name, hosted family milestones, ran the day-to-day operations, all while raising 10 children. These children all contributed to the restaurant growing up and even in their adult years, especially Victor, Joe, and John. After Jerry and Lucy passed, the three thought about selling the family business briefly, but quickly changed their minds.

Today, Lucy and Jerry’s son, Joseph (Joe) is the owner and operator of the family business. While John and Victor occasionally work at the restaurant, Joe brought on another family member, cousin Frank Margiotta, to serve as a chef. Frank previously owned and operated The Pizza Corner in Ossining for 15 years. With Frank joining the Paradise crew, it not only brought the family closer together, but he brought a new dimension to the restaurant, with lots of good specials!

We are moving full steam ahead, celebrating 73 years in business and looking forward to celebrating many more!